Special Exhibition


Species. Dying. Yesterday. Today.

3. July bis 17. January 2021

Retrospective: DEAD as a DODO.
… already ended at the beginning of November 2020, due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.
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The exhibition “DEAD as a DODO.” fascinates with life-size models of already extinct animals like the dodo and giant moa. During one-hour guided tours, currently threatened animal species such as polar bear, tiger, and rhinoceros are presented with their habitats. What are the threats faced by many of our animals today? What role do humans play in this? Follow our stories about the different animals and learn what we can do for nature conservation.

Tn the the course of the history of the earth there were times, in which many living beings became extinct. While natural disasters were often the reason for this, today it is increasingly humans that are at fault! And so it is estimated that currently about 130 animal and plant species become extinct every day.

The special exhibition highlights the extinction of animal species by humans – from the beginning until today. It impresses with life-size models of extinct animals such as the giant moa and Steller’s manatee and of endangered species such as the polar bear, orangutan and rhinoceros. Visitors learn about the challenge of man-made species extinction – an adventure with possible solutions.


An exhibition project of the Natural History Museum in the Ottoneum Kassel, the Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden and eli-GmbH.


Sonderausstellung TOT wie ein DODO_Eisbär