Special Exhibition

Diversity matters!

An expedition into biodiversity.

31. October 2019 bis 17. May 2020

Due to measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition had to be closed already at the end of March 2020.

Biodiversity is an important basis of our life. It includes not only the diversity of animal and plant species, microorganisms, and fungi as well as the genetic diversity within species, but also the complex ecological processes and interactions in a variety of habitats on Earth. Understanding and preserving this diversity is the goal of biodiversity research, one of the most important research fields of the future.

Researchers and explorers have many questions about a habitat:

How many and which kinds of species live there?
Is a species-rich ecosystem more stable than a species-poor one?
What happens when species disappear?
What are the effects of climate change and humanity’s increasing demand for resources?

These questions are not only of interest to science; they concern all of us.

The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) supports biodiversity research in many projects. With its exhibition “DIVERSITY MATTERS!” it makes this research tangible and understandable and illustrates what biodiversity means and why it is so important for us humans and worthy of protection.

Biological Diversity – Fascination and Basis of Life

Biodiversity is an essential part of our habitat, provides us with vital goods and is the basis of our culture and civilisation. But biodiversity is endangered: the transformation of the earth by humans is leading to the loss of species, about the extent and effects of which there is little certain knowledge.
The exhibition makes it possible to experience what biodiversity means and how it is researched. Numerous interactive exhibits and media installations invite visitors to observe, participate and experience.

[ Here you can find the flyer for “DIVERSITY MATTERS!” in Dresden ]

Die Ausstellung