Die dünne Haut der Erde - Besucher in der Ausstellung

Special Exhibition

The Earth’s Thin Skin -

Our Soils.

13. April bis 15. September 2019

Every day we tread on it with our feet – the ground. It is taken for granted to such an extent that hardly any attention is paid to it.

The exhibition “The Thin Skin of the Earth – Our Soils” is dedicated to this habitat unknown to most people. Visitors have the unique opportunity to get to know the fascinating and amazing world beneath their feet:

Shrunk to the size of a soil animal, they go on an exciting journey of discovery through the soil in four themed chambers. They learn all about the diversity of soil inhabitants, their way of life and their function in the nutrient cycle. In addition, they receive information on the formation, diversity and threats to soils and learn how they can be protected and used sustainably.

Numerous 3D models, interactive elements and multimedia stations invite visitors to marvel and participate. And with the virtual reality animation “Adventure Soil Life”, exhibition visitors can meet the soil animals at eye level!

An international touring exhibition of the Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz.

Blick in die Bodenausstellung, Japanisches Palais, Dresden-Neustadt